For All Critters.

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Hi. I'm Carter Waugh, the creator of Flip Critts.

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Meet the Flip Critt

Vibram Outsole

Designed for mountaineering in 1937, Vibram is the gold standard of outsoles.   


The midsole is made from sugar cane from southern brazil. The footbed is memory foam wrapped in leather for maximum comfort.

Toe Bar

The toe bar helps keep your foot centered while you enjoy your own Adventurability®.

Critts Cares

I want to take care of my community and make sure all kids have access to music, art and other creative learning programs. My mission is to spread Happiness, Safety and Security For All Critters! We will do this through my program, CRITTS CARES, which will donate $2 from each sale of a pair of Critts to artful learning programs all over the US and eventually around the world.

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Flip Critts are a comfy slip on shoe that tick all the boxes I was looking for. They're the perfect shoes for kids - because they were designed by a kid!

Little Hiccups

Critts are that perfect cross between the comfort of sandals and the security of a normal shoes.

Parenting Healthy

Critts are a comfortable, durable, fun shoe to wear. They are accurately named a flip - not a flip-flop, not a shoe but something wonderful right in between.

Cherie Lubash