Yeah, I’m an entrepreneur!

My mission is to promote Happiness, Safety and Security For All Critters

My name is Carter and I’m 10 years old. When I was 8 we went on a family vacation. I was trying to explore but my shoes (flip flops and crocs) were causing me problems–not comfortable or sturdy or cool. My flip flops would break and not protect my feet and my crocs were making my feet sweat and giving me blisters. That’s when I had an idea: let’s make a cool shoe for everyone that’s comfortable and makes you feel secure while working on your own adventurability (my word for running, jumping and climbing and just being a kid).

Check out my video explaining Critts!

Check out Flip-Critts design

Customize your favorite color and critter!

What’s it all about? ADVENTURABILITY!

(Yes, I made up that word, “Adventurability,” because we think there won’t be anything like Flip-Critts!)

Being Comfortable

Thanks to its softer materials, Critts won’t rub your feet the wrong way.

Feeling Secure

The awesome toe bar keeps you balanced and the top keeps your Critts on your feet – even when you run, jump, and climb!

Looking Cool - Feeling Happy

Critts were designed for all Critters by kids – for adventure (not by adults for “fashion”)

Become a Critter!

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    Check out the design – Take a closer look at how we’re making Flip-Critts (and why it’s perfect for adventure). Tell us what you think and ask us questions that you might have.

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    Sign up! We’ll keep you up-to-date on our progress, and give you early access to Flip-Critts when they become available.

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    Get the word out: Help us let other people know about Flip-Critts by sharing the story on social media and with your friends and family. Soon we’ll be letting you know how you can be a part of our crowd-funding!

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