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Where does the name Flip-Critts come from?

Hi, my name is Carter Waugh, and I’m the founder of Flip-Critts. And I’m just nine years old. How cool is it that if you have a good idea and put your mind to it, you can invent something? In my case, it’s a new shoe that’s comfortable and perfect for being an active kid. […]

Launching Critts.com

Hey Everyone, here is a video when we launched Critts.com with our marketing partner, Marc Fey. Check it out! (It’s posted on our Facebook page…be sure to Like our page, too!) https://www.facebook.com/2156994751189137/videos/2166595756895703/

Talking with our Designer

In an important discussion with Design & Manufacturing Consultant, Kim Thomas, Carter and his dad, Ryan, discuss the development of the prototype design. Click the link here: Watch the Video